Shaw Brothers Film Library
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One of the cornerstones of Celestial Pictures is Celestial's Shaw Brothers Film Library consisting of 760 film treasures produced from the 1950s to the 2000s. Over the past half century, the unrelenting creative efforts of the Shaw Brothers Studio have been instrumental in making the Hong Kong film industry world-famous as the "Hollywood of the East".

Founded in 1958, Shaw Brothers Studio under the leadership of its Executive Chairman, Sir Run Run Shaw, created a synergy of innovation, ample capital, and a richness of creative talent both in front of and behind the camera. Shaw Brothers rocketed Hong Kong into the foremost production centre of Chinese-language films in Asia.

An avid lover of the cinema, Sir Run Run Shaw began making films in Southeast Asia with his elder brother, Runme Shaw, before the age of 20. Under the demanding standards put forth by Sir Run Run, the films produced by or in association with the Shaw Brothers not only consistently maintained top-quality production standards and topped the box office, but also received countless awards in major film festivals all over the world.

Until Celestial Pictures restored the films from their original negatives and released them on DVD starting from 2002, very few titles from the Shaw Brothers Film Library had previously appeared in any electronic multi-media form since their original cinema release.

As of today, the Shaw Brothers film masterpieces have reached 200 territories in total. To date, more than five million copies of DVDs and VCDs of Shaw titles have been sold across the globe. Celestial Pictures owns all worldwide rights across all media, in perpetuity, of the spectacular Shaw Brothers Film Library, including the rights for theatrical releases, multi-media distribution, merchandising and ancillary rights, as well as the remakes and sequels rights of these film treasures.


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