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CELESTIAL PICTURES LIMITED (Celestial Pictures) is a diversified entertainment company bringing the best in Asian entertainment to the world. The company focuses on film and television content origination, aggregation and worldwide distribution.

Celestial Pictures owns the Shaw Brothers library, one of the world's largest Chinese film collection, with over 760 feature films originally released over a fifty year period. The library has inspired countless filmmakers with its vast pool of classics including THE FIVE VENOMS, HEX, THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN, KING BOXER and THE FLYING GUILLOTINE. These award-winning films have been digitally restored frame-by-frame for global distribution. The company has also been active in producing new film content, both originals and remakes based on the Shaw Brothers library films. Recent releases include PERHAPS LOVE, MY KINGDOM and CONTROL.

Celestial Pictures has a substantial investment in Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE), a venture with Saban Capital Group and Lionsgate. It operates branded pay television channels and produces and distributes content for Asian audiences. CTE's channel bouquet includes CELESTIAL MOVIES, CELESTIAL CLASSIC MOVIES, CELESTIAL MOVIES PINOY, cHK, KIX, KIX 360, MIAO MI, THRILL and THRILL 360, with a footprint that spans Asia and Australia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Celestial Pictures is owned by Astro Overseas Limited.


Astro Overseas Limited is the region's leading cross-media group with significant presence in DTH (Direct-To-Home) TV services, commercial radio and TV programming. MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems, the operator of Astro TV service in Malaysia began operations in 1996 with 22 channels and currently offers 131 TV channels, including 33 Astro-branded channels filled with original and aggregated content of various genres in multiple languages across Malaysia and Brunei. Today Astro is in over 2.93 million homes, representing almost 50% of TV homes in Malaysia, making it one of the key pay TV operators in South East Asia.

Astro is also the first to introduce High Definition (HD) broadcast and Personal Video Recorder (PVR) in Malaysia on its Astro B.yond platform, making it a leading edge innovator. At present, Astro offers 12-HD channels, and has plans for more.

Its state-of the-art digital broadcast facilities at the All Asia Broadcast Centre and at the Cyberjaya multiplex are capable of handling digital TV, radio and data services on satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks, wireless telephony and the Internet.

The Group is actively involved in origination, aggregation and distribution of TV programming in Malay, Chinese, English and Indian languages, in addition to third-party content. With over 43,000 first-run hours of original multi-language content, the Astro Entertainment Network (AEN) encompasses nearly 30 television channels across various genres, with plans to increase these in the near future to serve an ever-evolving customer profile.


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