Five Venoms, The
Martial Arts
Chang Cheh
Kuo Chue
Sun Chien
Chiang Sheng
Lo Meng
Lu Feng
Production Year

The Five Venoms The Five Venoms The Five Venoms The Five Venoms


The most prolific kung-fu director in Hong Kong martial arts cinema, Chang Cheh, ushered in a new phase of his career and a new generation of action stars with THE FIVE VENOMS. The setting is ancient China's School of Five Venoms, so named for its five types of kung-fu based on five venomous animals: centipede, scorpion, serpent, toad, and lizard. The school is notorious for the evil deeds of its disciples, leading to another classic battle between righteousness and depravity. THIS INTERNATIONAL HIT, LAUDED IN RIC MEYERS' PREMIERE, GROUNDBREAKING BOOK MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES AS ONE OF THE GREATEST, SPAWNED A SERIES FEATURING THE SAME ACTORS IN NEW ROLES WHICH WAS ALSO ENJOYED FROM AMERICA TO ASIA.

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