14 Amazons, The
Martial Arts
Cheng Kang
Ivy Ling Po
Lisa Lu
Lily Ho
Yueh Hua
Li Ching
Production Year

The 14 Amazons The 14 Amazons The 14 Amazons The 14 Amazons


Long before "feminism" made it to Hong Kong, women proved themselves more than equal to men in this martial arts classic, a forerunner to CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. Set in ancient China, a matriarchal clan proves as adept with sword, fist, and gravity-defying leaps as anything conjured up by the Crouching Tiger ladies thirty years later. The cast is a veritable "who's who" of the golden age of Shaw Brothers swordplay adventures, and was not only a major box office hit (ranking fourth for 1972), but also a top prize winner, including Best Supporting Actress for Lisa Lu, a special citation for outstanding lead female performance for Lily Ho, Best Director for Cheng Kang, and an award for Honourable Mention For Drama.

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