One-Armed Swordsman
Martial Arts
Chang Cheh
Wang Yu
Pan Yin-tse
Chiao Chiao
Chang Pei-shan
Production Year

One-Armed Swordsman One-Armed Swordsman One-Armed Swordsman One-Armed Swordsman


Even non-kung-fu lovers will be mesmerized by Jimmy Wang Yu in the role that made him a superstar. As the mysterious swordsman whose one arm is more powerful than his two-armed rivals, Wang and director Chang Cheh revolutionized the Hong Kong kung-fu genre and broke box office records across Asia. The female leads, Pan Yin-tse and Chiao Chiao, went on to become some of Shaw Brothers most important lady fighters, and Wang followed up his ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN triumph with numerous sequels. A film that always makes the "top ten" list of martial arts masterpieces, this 1967 classic is as timeless today as upon its original release.

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