Return To The 36th Chamber
Martial Arts
Liu Chia-liang
Liu Chia-hui
Wang Lung-wei
Chen Szu-chia
Production Year

Return To The 36th Chamber Return To The 36th Chamber Return To The 36th Chamber Return To The 36th Chamber


This follow-up to the classic THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN shows kung-fu's the illustrious Liu brothers at their lethal best. Director Liu Chia-liang has more than a few new kung-fu tricks up his monk's sleeve as he transports brother Gordon Liu Chia-hui back to the Ching Dynasty and the Shaolin Monastery. And not just any part of the monastery, but the clandestine 36th chamber, where the most advanced methods of kung-fu are taught to the deserving few. Alas, Gordon is not one of the anointed elite and must find a way to covertly observe the secret training in order to obtain the skills necessary to battle the hated Manchus. Though the movie's conclusion is never in much doubt, the Liu Brothers have a lot of fun getting from points A to Z with plenty of murder and mayhem in between.

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