7-Man Army
Chang Cheh
David Chiang
Ti Lung
Chen Kuan-tai
Alexander Fu Sheng
Production Year

7-Man Army 7-Man Army 7-Man Army 7-Man Army


Another iconoclastic work from the action auteur Chang Cheh, and winner of Honourable Mention for Dramatic Feature at the 13th Golden Horse Awards, 7-MAN ARMY retells the legend of seven patriots during the Sino-Japanese War. In 1933, 20,000 Japanese soldiers and 50 tanks invaded the Pa Tou Lou Tzu, a strategic key point of the Great Wall. With only seven men stationing, these heroes took on the entire army for five days before succumbing. When the Japanese entered the building to find the seven battered bodies, they buried them in honor and recognized them as "The Seven Heroes of China" in the Japanese military records.

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